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On The Way To Walking: The Essential Guide To Natural Movement Development™

Dive in and join Lenore Grubinger RSMT, IDME, CST as we explore the ways that Natural Movement Development™ can make all the difference!

Carefully Crafted With Love In Every Page…

Take a refreshing look at the incredible journey of baby and parent from birth to walking. Photo illustrative guides, comprehensive practices, and more await!

  • Over 350 pages of easy to understand practices and information for you and your baby
I wish I had this information when my children were young. They would have benefited so much from the developmental approach. Pediatricians these days do not spend much time on growth and development the information in this book is conveyed in a way that is so easy to adapt . Excellent I would recommend it as a gift to any new parents or grandparents.
M Stamm

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Sitting to Hands & Knees 2 - Mayam 5-9-14


What’s an eBook?

  • An eBook is an electronic format book that you can read on your computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or eReader.

Do I need a Kindle? Isn’t that Amazon only?

  • We do offer On The Way To Walking on the Kindle, which is an Amazon product, but you do not need one to read the book!

Is a PDF different than an eBook?

  • Not always.  Ebooks do come in a variety of formats, each suited to their own device.  To make compatibility easier for a wide range of readers, PDFs are commonly used.

Are there physical paperback books?

  • Yes!  They can be purchased by clicking here.